Rare Inscription with Rare Sculpture found in Kundapur

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

A rare inscription was discovered at a place called Huyyaru in 76 Haladi village of Kundapur taluk recently. It has uncommon peculiar features not found so far. A rectangular stone slab conical at the top was divided into two compartments. On the top conical compartment, an early 14th-century inscription was found written in Kannada script and language. Below this compartment, there is a square shiva lingam strip. It has a huge shiva lingam which is placed on the back of a seated bull. On the right of it is a standing cow feeding her calf. On the left, is a standing bull. Below it is another small bull standing on a plinth. The whole depiction is itself a unique and uncommon feature, says Prof. T. Murugeshi in his press release here today.