Two Ashwatha Trees Relocated from MCRS after 18 Hours of Hard Work & Lots of Risk

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Once again Green Activist, Environmentalist, Saviour of Trees, and the Founder of Mangalore Green Brigade JEETH MILAN ROCHE has shown his might by relocating two huge Ashwatha Trees (peepal tree/Ficus religiosa) under a lot of risk and 18 hours of non-stop hard work- and the mission was accomplished. Jeet is on a mission to make Mangaluru an environmentally green City, where he tries to save trees from being axed for development by relocating them, and has also planted thousands of saplings/trees to make Mangaluru Green!

Experts tell us about the grave changes that could occur in the future unless we protect the environment. The best way to protect it is by keeping it green. The government, City Corporation and other agencies are doing their part in transforming Mangaluru City into a greener city by planting trees. Every individual also has to realize his or her duty to protect the environment for future generations. And here is this person, Jeeth Roche, who is very much determined to make Mangaluru a “Green City”, by sacrificing his time and energy for the betterment of the environment.